Kevin Valani

Kevin Valani

Full Stack Developer

About Me

Full-Stack Developer with over 3 years of experience building small and large-scale production-grade applications and APIs using Python and Django. Participating in the whole software development lifecycle and following agile methodologies. An experienced professional who can also manage the project from conception to deployment, prepare road maps, and provide best practices to junior developers


  • Computer Programming and Coding
  • Software Development Fundamentals & process
  • Object-oriented Design OOD
  • Test-driven development TDD
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery CI/CD
  • Software Testing and debugging
  • Software Documentation
  • Agile Development Methodologies and Principles
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Teamwork

Where I've Worked

Full Stack Developer @The Chronicle Herald

Oct 2019 - Present

With over 474 employees and revenues of over $105 million, it is the largest news media company in Atlantic Canada. Its website ranks among the top 1500 sites in the entire country.


Build, test, publish, and maintain the company's core website and all integrations.

Python/Django: From concept to deployment, I utilized my Django expertise in all phases of software development including development, maintenance, and support. I also ensured that the company website had 99.3% uptime and all features were operational, including any third-party integration, APIs, Media Hosting, Payments, Marketing and Mobile apps.

Linux/Ubuntu: Assured that server resources including databases are effectively distributed to boost website speed and to provide a better customer experience. During the website attack, we made sure data was safe, server resources were protected, and the website was available to stay online. Created modern development practices that helped the team deploy code in production more effectively and in a safe manner.

Marketing: Utilizing my social media marketing skills and related technical knowledge, I provided various solutions to the marketing team to make their workflow easier and more professional. The image post could for instance be automatically generated from a Python library such as Pillow and posted on Instagram at a designated time. This brought a ~91% user engagement jump over 3 month period and increased 45% new member subscriptions.

Elevate Scholarship by Google News: Selected among top-50 media professionals from 23 countries capable of bringing innovation to the industry. It was a privilege to learn from directors of some of the biggest online news companies, such as the BBC, about how to innovate in the modern online news industry.

Full Stack Developer @oyeStudent

June 2018 – Sept 2019

The company offers over 20 student services and 1500 university partnerships in order to help students choose the right school and make the most of their time in school.


Managed the development of the company's most sophisticated admission management website from conception to deployment.

Python/Django: Developed a complete admissions management system, that included role-based logins, groups, security, a payment gateway, marketing integration, social media integration, SMTP, a dashboard for analytics, and a chat system. Build a roadmap to ensure junior developers are able to develop, test, and deploy their code on production.

Google Cloud Platform: Helped the company provide its customers with a high-quality user experience by deploying the application on Google Compute Engine and Google Storage.

REST APIs: Planned and developed the APIs that are used to power mobile apps and other third-party integrations. To better integrate with existing applications, I used Django Rest Framework for all the API requirements of the company.

Some Things I've Built

SaltWire News Website

Millions of Atlantic Canadians visit this website every single day.

We as a team, developed and maintained a website that has over 621,660 articles, 885,750 photos, and 387,422 videos. The website has integrations and implementations for horoscopes, media management, paywalls, payments, MailChimp, memberships, subscriptions, Google SignIn, APIs (for mobile applications), Google News, SEO, Chartbeat, and so many more.

Python3 Django Bootstrap jQuery JavaScript PostgreSQL Ubuntu Cloudflare Jira BitBucket SEO

Multi-Domain Website

One Django backend for multiple domains, each with their own branding, products, leads, dashboard, and different login types.

Through this unique project, small businesses can list and sell their services online, collect leads, payments, generate PDFs and invoices, and manage inventory. A small business can have its own subdomain, as well as customizations such as name, logo, and services. There is a dedicated employee backend where leads are assigned and customers can track the progress of the project.

Python3 Django Bootstrap jQuery JavaScript PostgreSQL Ubuntu GitHub Stripe Razorpay Google Analytics Paypal

Federal Elections in 2021 - Live Results

Elections 2021: Live demonstration of every candidate, riding, and party.

It is one of the most complex projects I have worked on. It fetches, verifies, calculates, and responds to the election number for every riding, party, candidate. Despite processing so much data, my algorithm can update results every two seconds - among the fastest on the market.

Python3 Django Bootstrap jQuery JavaScript PostgreSQL Ubuntu GitHub Google Analytics

Shop Management System

Shop, inventory, invoices, and payments can be managed by small businesses using this management system.

Small businesses can manage their inventory, collect online payments, generate tax invoices, send payment notifications to their customers, send back-in-stock marketing emails, and track their daily progress using the dashboard. Additionally, shopkeepers can print daily invoices and reports and send them to their suppliers. Built with Django, hosted on Ubuntu server, and payment collection through Razorpay.

Python3 Django Bootstrap jQuery JavaScript PostgreSQL Ubuntu GitHub Razorpay Google Analytics

Other Noteworthy Projects

Trendy - Android App

Responsibilities:Design & Develop Android Application which can fetch news articles, social media posts, and other content using API and RSS Feed using Java.

Android Java PlayStore Publish API RSS JSON
Covid-19 Widgets - Python3/Flask

Responsibilities:Build & Deploy application using Python3.8/Flask which allows other websites to easily integrate Covid-19 stats widgets.

Python3.8 Flask MySQL Ubuntu Gunicorn Nginx CloudFlare
Billing Management System | C#/WPF

Responsibilities:Made GUI application using C# and WPF on .NET. These project is simple and easy to use.

Word Search Game Challenge | C#/WPF

Responsibilities:Design algorithm which finds word from the custom sized grid in 6 different direction including forward and backward string.

Knight Tour Challenge | C#

Responsibilities:Develop smart algorithm to deal with Knight tour problem. The challenge is to make 2 algorithms, Intelligent and Non-Intelligent.

C# .NET Windows Form GUI

Get In Touch

Although I'm currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!