Projects & Work

oyeStudent - Python3/Flask | Work

Responsibilities: Transform static web-application to a full suite student management system which can also accept payments from scratch and deploy the application on Ubuntu VPS.

Python3.8 Flask MySQL Ubuntu Gunicorn Nginx CloudFlare

Trendy - Android App | Project

Responsibilities:Design & Develop Android Application which can fetch news articles, social media posts, and other content using API and RSS Feed using Java.

Android Java PlayStore Publish API RSS JSON

Covid-19 Widgets - Python3/Flask

Responsibilities:Build & Deploy application using Python3.8/Flask which allows other websites to easily integrate Covid-19 stats widgets.

Python3.8 Flask MySQL Ubuntu Gunicorn Nginx CloudFlare

Billing Management System | C#/WPF

Responsibilities:Made GUI application using C# and WPF on .NET. These project is simple and easy to use.


Knight Tour Challenge | C#

Responsibilities:Develop smart algorithm to deal with Knight tour problem. The challenge is to make 2 algorithms, Intelligent and Non-Intelligent.

C# .NET Windows Form GUI

Word Search Game Challenge | C#/WPF

Responsibilities:Design algorithm which finds word from the custom sized grid in 6 different direction including forward and backward string.